Scary Goat 2017 Android Gameplay

Scary Goat is on a mission to cause destruction! Scamper and jump around New York City to take revenge on pedestrians. Use the special gun feature (like the Egg and Dung Gun) to blast people! There’s a variety from which you can choose. Run in a rampage and cause some damage to vehicles and people’s precious homes! Break into office buildings, stores, malls, and more. Use your long tongue as a grapple to reel in people, cars. and trucks. Catch them before they run away!

Choose from several party and carnival masks (like the Clown Mask) to become Scary Goat and scare people out of their wits! Each different activity or mission will own you points. Exercise to increase your stamina and health for ultimate attacks.

Scary Goat 2017 Features:
Amazing Goat Textures to choose from
Flying Goat packed with Rockets for ultimate destruction
Tongue feature to also attach yourself and stick to objects and buildings to run away from cops
Special guns, such as the Egg and Dung guns
Drive Tractor, Cars and heavy vehicles for ultimate destruction
Play multiple sports games e.g Volleyball & football as Scary Goat
Fun sounds and visual effects for maximum thrill
Amazing scary goat attack animations
Smooth and easy controls to make the Goat run and attack
Realistic 3D Graphics, including a beautiful 3D city environment

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