Dead Warfare: Zombie Android Gameplay

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It is the year 2072 and the world is filled with zombies. Humans have been driven underground and inside abandoned buildings. A group of survivors named MPS-16 want to gather other living people. They’re travelling around the world to find supplies and survivors.

News from the radio tells them that some scientists are still living out there, somewhere. So MPS-16 goes out to save the scientists in the hope that medicine can be created to save mankind. Dead Valley in the Middle East is the target destination for this extremely dangerous journey.

The adventure begins badly when the team is trapped in a museum by hordes of zombies. MPS-16 has to fight through the night with few supplies and weapons. But a secret is revealed which makes the team strongly believe in their target. Their true journey begins at that moment.

DEAD WARFARE: Zombie is an extreme FPS game featuring:
– A massive variety of guns to exterminate your zombie foes with.
– Realistic-looking 3D characters and environments.
– The option to choose the best teammates and weapons for your tactics.
– A number of different character skills and gun effects.
– Defend your base and fight with other opponents around the world.
– Save other survivors for battle and find new supplies and weapons.
– A multitude of dangerous zombies and Bosses.

– Realistic lighting and texture present characters, zombies, guns and environments.
– Characters have different looks and skill systems for more flexible strategy.
– Guns can be viewed in 3D mode and can be customized with many parts.
– Zombies and Bosses have different behaviors and abilities.

– Characters are separated into different classes with unique skills.
– Appearance and skills are based on the character class.
– Each class can use only one kind of weapon and is most effective against one kind of zombie.
– Characters can be leveled-up and the rarity is defined by the number of stars.

– The zombies are extremely dangerous with many kinds of behaviors and abilities.
– The Bosses look like giants and can snatch any creatures near to them.
– There are always new kinds of zombies, which appear in new locations.
– Choosing the correct guns can help you to take down zombies faster.

– Many types of gun can be viewed in 3D.
– Guns can be customized with various parts.
– Special effects make guns stronger and more effective.
– All kinds of guns can be randomly found in the game.

– Players can defend against and fight with opponents around the world.
– Protect your own base and destroy other buildings to get food and fuel.
– There is a ranking system to compare all players.

– Players can explore many places to find supplies and survivors.
– There are many different locations with new challenges and zombies.
– Each place contains a secret waiting to be revealed.
– Players need to prepare a good strategy for each map.

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