USA Driving Simulator Android Gameplay

Drive in 3D full mode, all throughout USA, in your truck simulator and complete parking and delivery missions to help build some incredible constructions.
Blend driving skills with parking abilities and prove yourself from Austin to Las Vegas and even New York. Help build a mansion, an office building and a mall, all with the help of your powerful, upgradable truck. Simulate how it’s like to be the one in control of great construction missions and help build three different big constructions.

Game features:

3D graphics
30 levels
6 trucks, each with three upgrades
challenging parking challenges
stimulating missions and tasks

So jump behind your pick-up truck and start of a real USA driving adventure, right from the heart of Austin. Here, you will have to help build a mansion, delivering construction materials and completing parking missions, all just to prove your skills and abilities. The 3d impressive graphics will charm you, nevertheless, but stay focused on the road ahead and keep in mind all the tasks you need to fulfill. Each city has a different quest prepared for you, so prove you can be the best driver, best parking man and best constructor of all times.
With six different trucks to choose from, you bet your interest will be kept to a maximum, giving you the opportunity to switch between vehicles, upgrade them and even enjoy some special missions. You will get to practice not only your driving skills, but also your parking and delivery capacities, giving you a full, complex experience.

Start of in Austin, where a big mansion needs your full attention. Help bring to the construction site all the wood, metal pipes and even glass windows this mansion needs, and prove you can drive, park and deliver everything needed here. You will have ten missions to complete before the big mansion is done, so stay focused on the road ahead and do exactly as told. Perfect park to truck, deliver the goods and come back safe to complete more missions.

Then go off to Las Vegas and see how you can be of help in the construction of a cool office building. Window glass and steel-based material are much needed here, an you will off course need a bigger truck. Upgrade your vehicle and become faster and more agile while completing your tasks. With realistic 3d views, this USA driving simulator game will give you the real feeling of being behind the wheels of some impressive trucks. Invest in your truck and buy upgrades to make it more professional and more enduring as the levels get tougher. You will have ten missions to fulfill in Vegas before the office building gets done, so use your upgrades wisely and evaluate your needs based on the kind of construction materials you will need to bring to the site.

Step up to the professional level, as you help build an entire mall in the heart of New York. The tasks are harder and harder to complete and your parking games skills will be put to a test. With bigger cars to drive around and handle the corners will get tougher to make and the direction will be harder to keep straight. But upgrading your big truck will give you better grip on the wheels, stronger tires and bigger loading capacity. You will be able to complete delivery missions better and you will have opportunities to master your parking skills, all throughout these ten more levels that lay ahead of you.

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