BMX Top Racer Stunts Android Gameplay #2

BMX Top Racer Stunts is the No.1 xtreme BMX game with crazy and stunt action! Hide the competition as you drive over a variety of unfaithful tracks while enjoying the realistic bicycle physics and fast-paced gameplay. Many boys are taking interest in the BMX stunts and want to become a BMX guy. Bicycle boy skater is a fantastic game in which you have to perform like a king of dirt from your BMX tricks and all the tricks you can practice in this game. Many awesome big ramps and the tracks which are placed in the air and you have to do all the stunts in mid-air. This game is a freestyle scooter stunts game. Grind your screen touch and enter in cycle mayhem racing game.

Many different and thousands of task is given for a user like you have to reach on the rooftop from the ground by doing the extreme crazy stunts reach the destination by avoiding the obstacles. In this BMX driving game, you will learn who to rotate your BMW steering and the use of paddles you can learn through this game. The environment of this game is designed in the city and also you can say this game is based on the city stunts and crazy sky stunts. Be like a skater boy who is fearless while doing the amazing and heart dropping stunts. This game is totally free in all free bike and BMX game. Awesome and amazing many zigzag ramps are designed in this game for your BMX learning and the skating.

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