Boss Assassin Citys Android Gameplay

Boss Assassin Citys aim and shoot! Let the bullets fly, now!
Crime by the target with arms surrounded by armed guards guard the sniper task this is very dangerous.Each task has a different scene, making the game unique and challenging, but your main focus is to kill the target without fail levels. Careful targeting and killing your target without killing innocent civilians.
Most realistic anti-terrorist FPS game on Android! You are a special weapons and tactics team trained members of the elite. Equipped with assault rifles, sniper rifles and stun grenades, you will navigate secret missions worldwide eradication of evil group stands in the way of a peaceful world.
Do not miss any horizontal lens or you will end up a failure. The use of promotional offers, upgrade sniper rifle and complete the task the world master!

Game features:
– Different rifles!
– Unique scene!
– Up to a few off!
– Challenging task of shooting!
– Amazing 3D graphics!

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