Counter Terrorist 2-Gun Strike Android Gameplay

2.0 New Features:
☑You can turn “Auto Shoot” ON/OFF in battle.
☑You can modify “Aim Sensitivity” in pause button.
☑More weapons, in 2.0 we have 20 weapons, some are really the “monsters”:)
☑More levels, in 2.0 we added 2 more levels which contain gorgeous environment.
☑More smart enemies, in 2.0 we will face much smarter enemies, you’d better not despise them.
☑Harder level means more rewards.

Game control:

☑Left 1/3 screen is for moving,right 2/3 screen is for aiming.
☑When you aim the target,your weapon will fire automatially,giving you a much easier FPS game control.
☑You can prepare your bullets before battling,or auto buy bullet in the battle.

Game tips
☑You can tweak your control sensivity in your pause menu,fit all the android devices here.
☑Auto buying bullets in the battle,save your precious time
☑Aim the head,give your enemy the critical strike!
☑Enemies’ life and damage grows when you select a harder level.

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