Mix+Smash Marvel Mashers Android Gameplay #4

Now you can Mash-up, Battle and Smash-up with an ALL-NEW epic hero, Black Panther, and 15 more Marvel Heroes!
• Protect the planet from hordes of villains and save the day with War Machine, Black+Gold Iron Man, Smash Fist Hulk, Groot, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Spider, Ultimate Spider-Man, Red Hulk, Hulkbuster, Thor, Winter Soldier, Beta Ray Bill, and now Black Panther!
When evil looms large, T’Challa—ruler of the African tech paradise Wakanda—cuts it down to size as the heroic Black Panther!
• Blend heroes’ looks, powers and abilities in the Mix Lab. Create your ultimate champion!
• Trigger mighty special moves in Smash Mode! Win the day in rapid-tap masher brawls!
• Tackle evil robots, and battle remixed Super Villains — Green Goblin, Loki, Doctor Octopus, & Ultron!
• Now you can power through eight heroic chapters with ALL-NEW levels and challenges! Master them on heroic, super heroic, and legendary!
• Create your own ALL-NEW hero action snaps featuring your spectacular hero mash-up!
• Combine classic attacks with rhythm combat! Find the strategies to outplay your foes!
• Watch 6 exclusive Marvel Super Hero Masher shorts!
• Earn special items and ALL-NEW achievements so you can enter combat with ultimate health and power!
• Bring your favorite Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and an ever-expanding roster of heroes from the Marvel Super Hero Mashers toy line to your digital device.

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